New Yorker To Run For U.S. Senate In Nebraska

None of this is the least bit surprising (via Leavenworth Street):

The Washington Post is reporting that New Yorker Bob Kerrey has “changed his mind” and has decided to run for U.S. in Nebraska.

So was Kerrey lying when he told Nebraskans a few weeks ago that he was staying with his wife and child in New York City because a Senate run would be too much on his family?

Or is Kerrey simply an opportunistic political coward, who wanted to make sure that he would not have to run against the popular and powerful Republican Governor Dave Heineman, who had until last week to make his decision.

Kerrey is all of that and more. You think the other Kerry is a flip-flopper? The Massachusetts version of Thurston Howell III is an amateur compared to this guy. John Kerry had the advantage of being from a bigger state thus he was more successful in his presidential run. Bob Kerrey knew this so he moved to a bigger state: New York. He even thought about running for Mayor of New York City a few years back.

But I'm sure Nebraskans won't get fooled again, right?