Leavenworth Street Blues

Today we have a guest post from the Libertarian Popinjay's Senior Economic Analyst "UJ" coming from his secret hideaway in the center of the U.S. of A. It reads as follows:

The word from Leavenworth Street goes forward starting with the November election:

1). Obama wins by a landslide. Republican mouth pieces blame the MSM.

2) Sincere Republicans blame the party for nominating... "an echo, not a choice."

3) January S O T U Address: Obama will put on a big act and play the role of a national unifier.  He will give the appearance of moderation and conciliation. There will be some slight tinkering with the national health care law with MUCH hoopla.

4) The MSM will begin to turn as Obama's 2nd term becomes yesterday's news, but it will be too late.

5)  By 2014 the road to Socialism will have no exits, only slightly alternative routes.

6) People born in the early 1970's [Ed. note: like the Popinjay] will be forced to work until age 80 and will be told that they should be thankful that there are jobs available and are healthy enough to work, thanks to OBAMACARE.

AWOMEN (formerly AMEN)

Very probable. I still hold out hope that Romney can ride $6-bucks a gallon to victory, but I wouldn't bet the proverbial farm.

The pessimist in me says it's already too late for the U.S. and the world, but then I try and think about previous generations who thought with LBJ or Nixon that the country was completely wrecked, so maybe it's all just another spin in the cycle of history. Ebbs and flows. In Russia you have a Stalin wannabe in Vladimir Putin pretty much making himself President for life, however, Stalin didn't have things like "Pussy Riot" to deal with, which gives me hope.