Supreme Court Takes Up Obamacare

Just a friendly reminder...

The Supreme Court of the United States will hear oral arguments this week on Obamacare. The Court will hand down their decision sometime this summer and we'll finally be able to answer Ronald Reagan's fateful challenge posed in 1964.

Perhaps equating Obamacare to the last step into a "thousand years of darkness" smacks of overbearing hyperbole, but let me tell you this: the decision the Supreme Court makes this summer will be a life changing one for me and many like me who will decide how to proceed with the remainder of their lives. If Obamacare does become constitutionally validated, it will open the floodgates for governmental actions that make Mike Bloomberg's war on salt look like a pillow-fight.

Ed Morrissey makes the salient points:

This, I believe, will be the “big f******g deal” for the Supreme Court, and perhaps not just the Scalia wing, either.  The removal of this barrier on federal government intrusion makes the Constitution meaningless, and sets the precedent that any real or perceived health-care crisis would allow Congress to act.  Just wait until they start looking at obesity with these new powers.  We’re already seeing cities and states pass ridiculous laws about having no toys in Happy Meals and barring the use of certain fats in restaurant cooking.  When the federal government solidifies ObamaCare powers through an approving Supreme Court decision, get ready for the stepmother of all nanny states to arise.

And for Democrats who think this will be a great idea, just wait until Republicans control Washington and use those powers for their own perceptions of health-care crises.  For just one example, does porn promote violence towards women?  Well if enough people believe it does, that will be a public health issue, thanks to the comprehensive nature of ObamaCare and the unlimited authority it grants the federal government to regulate any kind of trade related to health care — and expect laws or regulations restricting or suppressing it.  The health-care gambit literally opens everything in American lives to the whim of federal bureaucrats and the governing class.  The end of limited government cuts any number of ways, and ObamaCare advocates are fooling themselves if they think they will forever control the levers of the leviathan they have launched.

Fool themselves they have, and will. The Heritage Foundation has a primer on the case and argues that either way it's going to be bad for health care and best solution is a full legislative repeal. I agree, but I am extremely pessimistic of that ever happening as long as there are Washington, D.C. cocktail parties.

Which leads us to the most interesting man in the world...Justice Anthony Kennedy, who once played an unimportant role on the court...just to see what it felt like. He can speak fluent German Russian. (Okay, you get the idea.) The hottest "swinger" in the Beltway will be showered with attention this week as the media tries to convince him how great he is and the lawyers make their arguments directly at him.

Stay thirsty, indeed.