Utter Chutzpah From Dick Lugar

Senator Dick Lugar (R-McLean, VA) is behind in the polls in the INDIANA U.S. Senate Republican primary. His campaign has the gall to make this statement (emphasis mine):

"All along, the Mourdock campaign has been fueled by special interests from outside the State of Indiana — and this poll is just another example. Our internal polling shows Dick Lugar is, was and will remain in the lead. Our polling also shows Richard Mourdock’s unfavorable ratings growing rapidly. The more Hoosiers learn about Mourdock, the less they trust him. At the end of the day, this race will be decided by Hoosiers and not by D.C.-based special interest polls."

Another special interest from outside the state of Indiana: Dick Lugar. At least Richard Mourdock lives in the damn state!

Maybe I'm too upset about this, but it just makes my blood boil when you have a Senator who's been in office for 36 years and is indignant that some people think maybe he's been there long enough. Then, he has the audacity to not even live in his home state and act like it's no big deal. Lugar's voting record the past decade has been lousy but it's his attitude that really make me angry.

UPDATE 4/30/12: A good friend of mine lives in Indiana and has lived at his current address for six years. Just a few days ago he got a mailing from the "Friends of Dick Lugar," however it was addressed to the previous resident of that address. Thus, Dick Lugar's database is woefully out of date. Any why? Probably because he never saw a need to update it as campaigning is pretty much an afterthought, that is until now.

I know they all do it, but one of the most cowardly acts in politics are these "friends of" letters and ads. It's a way for a candidate to make statements that he can claim he never actually made. However, this one has backfired on Lugar as my friend is going to do something he hasn't done in a while: vote in the state primary...and not for Lugar.

Sic semper tyrannis.