What The Augusta Golf Club Should Do

Here's my solution to the controversy over Augusta National Golf Club's male-only membership policy:

The club should announce that they will now allow women to be members. Soon afterward, the club makes an announcement that all locker rooms, bath and shower facilities are unisex.

Female club member: "Uh, the bathrooms are unisex. What the hell?"

Male club member: "What? What's the problem?"

Female club member: "Didn't you hear me? The bathrooms, showers and all that are unisex! We can't be naked around the men!"

Male club member: "Why not?"

Female club member: "It just isn't done!"

Male club member: "Are you saying there should be some separation among the sexes? Are you saying there should be a place only for men and a place only for women?"

Female club member: "Look..."

Male club member: "Madam, you're exclusionary behavior sickens me. Good day to you."

Female club member: "But..."

Male club member: "I SAID GOOD DAY!"