Party Girls And Ostrich Eggs: Welcome to Nevada Senate District 9

The Republican Primary for Nevada State Senate District 9 (home of the Popinjay) has taken a sexy turn and caught the attention of the British Press.

The Republican race for a vacant Nevada Senate seat has turned into an all out war after a website appeared online portraying one candidate as a hard-drinking party girl.

The site shows pictures of Mari St. Martin drinking, dancing and playing beer pong and dismisses her as immature, inexperienced and unqualified.


There's a history of bad blood between the two republican - Mr Jones has filed a slander lawsuit against Mrs St. Martin after she claimed online that he convinced a mentally disabled man to pay $30,000 for an ostrich egg business.

Yeesh. Bill Raggio is rolling over in his grave faster than he rolled over for Harry Reid. Anyway, wish me luck when I head to the ballot box!