Bill Clinton On The Loose

Dick Morris thinks Bill Clinton wants Obama to lose the election. Normally I take Morris' predictions and theories with a grain of salt but I think he may be right this time. Here's why:

1) Clinton wants back in the White House. A six-year old can gather that. However, Edward Klein claims Bill wanted Hillary to challenge Obama this year saying he wasn't sure he'd live long enough to wait another four years. Gossip, yes, but believable.

2) Clinton defends Romney on his time at Bain Capital.

3) Today, Clinton calls for extending the Bush Tax Cuts (temporarily).

4) Clinton's goal is getting Hillary (and thus him) in the White House. Since the ship has sailed on option #1, it makes sense that the best play for Billary is to face Romney in 2016 rather than run for the office after an 8 year Obama/Democrat Party fiasco. Bill knows as well as any Tea Partier what a second Obama term will bring.

Either way, Hillary Clinton is running in 2016. How do I know? Because she's said she won't run. Simple. Easy.

UPDATE: Great minds think alike. Michael Walsh at NRO.