This Isn't MMA: Romney Right To Stay The Course

Two good men, Charles Krauthammer and Allen West have different opinions on how Mitt Romney should have responded to President Obama's immigration power-grab:

Meanwhile Allen West says: "I guess I feel a little bit dejected because I think that it goes back to what my mother taught me, 'a man must stand for something, or else he’ll fall for anything."

I respect that view but this is where we have to realize that the race for the presidency isn't a mixed-martial arts fight where we are constantly on the attack and always taking it to our opponent. Romney is playing this smart. In the primary he had a simple strategy: let the (quasi-)conservative candidates brutalize each other and be the last man standing. It worked. Now in the general election, Romney's campaign is economy, economy, economy. He'll talk about other stuff on the periphery but the economy will always be the lead actor in this play and (so far) he's not going to let Obama distract him from that. Krauthammer's right. This Obama power-grab was a trap worthy of Admiral Ackbar and there will be more to follow. Romney has been up on Obama in the Rasmussen poll for a week now (granted it's Rasmussen so in reality it's probably closer to a tie) which I think is a reflection of this strategy.