The Roberts Opinion: A Clearinghouse of Analysis

It's been a week since the release of the Roberts Opinion on Obamacare. This may be the most significant opinion in decades so I've aggregated the various opinions on the opinion as a resource for fellow bloggers. This list is only from those I consider intellectually honest. If you want to hear what Ezra Klein or Ben Smith have to say, Google is right there. Have at it.

Opinion Supporters:
-George Will

Silver Lining:
-Roger Kimball
-Erick Erickson
-Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli
-R. Emmett Tyrrell

Opinion Detractors:
-Rush Limbaugh
-Mark Levin
-Fred Thompson
-John Yoo
-Nick Gillespie
-Thomas Sowell
-Andrew McCarthy
-Michael Walsh
-John Podhoretz
-Peter Wehner
-Victor Davis Hanson
-Bob Barr

This list is of course incomplete. If you know of others that should be added, let me know in the comments section.