Truth In Comedy On Display In India

Reading stories like this to me makes life worth living. Nothing is funnier than the true ignorance of real people. Nothing made up by a group of writers in a Hollywood studio can compare. Case in point:

The owner of an Indian clothing store said Wednesday that he would only change its name from "Hitler" if he was compensated for re-branding costs, amid a growing row over the new shop.


Shah insisted that until the store opened he did not know who Adolf Hitler was and that Hitler was a nickname given to the grandfather of his store partner because "he was very strict".

"I didn't know how much the name would disturb people," he told AFP by telephone from Ahmedabad. "It was only when the store opened I learnt Hitler had killed six million people."

My sides!

The row evoked memories of a controversy six years ago when a Mumbai restaurant owner called his cafe "Hitler's Cross" and put a swastika on the hoarding, claiming Hitler was a "catchy" name.

Seriously, I can't breath.

And that is what we call "truth in comedy."