Jockeying For Position On Election Day

It's anathema to a blogger to say "I have no idea." Why blog then? Well, it's about more than just being a soothsayer, but right now I, and many others, face the dilemma of having no idea how the election is going to shake out. We are literally (hat tip: Joe Biden) sinking in a flood of media misinformation with more polls coming out every day either showing Obama winning or the race a tie. This has led to arguments over whether these polls are skewed or not. Limbaugh says this is all for the sole purpose of dispiriting Romney voters while Erick Erickson says the polls are correct and Romney needs to up his game or it's over. While I respect Erickson, I don't think he has any idea but is playing the pessimists so as to have something to hang his hat on in an Obama second term. If he's wrong, we'll all be too excited/relieved to care.

I'd like to think the public is still as angry as they were in 2010. Yes, I said angry. The late Peter Jennings called the 1994 Congressional elections a national "hissy fit," but that was to be expected from a journalist who used to date a PLO mouthpiece. But despite his snark, he was right. People were mad. They elected in 1992 a supposedly moderate Democrat who went full socialists for two years so they reacted accordingly. Now we look on the Clinton years as the good ol' days when small businesses were at least allowed a chance to survive. America had it's "Hissy Fit II" in 2010 but it wasn't enough. We need to go full-blown conniption in 2012.