Let It Come Down

Admittedly, I'm still very nervous about the election. I watched the debates the other night with my heart racing. I wanted Mitt Romney to do well. It's like a football game: you're watching the clock, your team has the lead...can they can hold on? In that last 10 minutes, I knew Romney had "won the game" and was hoping he didn't give up too much to Obama in "garbage time."

Lot's of tricks upcoming. Ridiculous unemployment numbers; a bin Laden movie; maybe some wagging of the dog in Libya. It could all work. Obama could still pull this out and after that, you can bet he'll be out for revenge for suffering the indignity of being challenged.

But while my mood still swings slightly with the good and bad news day by day, I am developing a sense of peace over November 6th. Either way, we'll know. We'll know where we stand and where we're headed. If Romney wins, there's some hope for America returning to normalcy. If Obama wins, well, we'll know where we stand can adjust accordingly. While I still pray it doesn't happen, a second Obama term will be like the biggest boxing match a fighter has ever faced. The American Idea will have the opportunity to see what it's made of; if it can withstand the biggest challenge of its life. It's almost thrilling to think about; to be taken to the precipice. The rational part of my brain says "We can't let it happen, we won't survive." while the more philosophical side says "Let this be our final battle."

Right now, we're in a state of limbo like I've never personally experienced. If the only path left is through the looking glass, then...let it come down.