Tape Drops: A Theory

The nation's editor, Matt Drudge, has tweeted a scoop about a tape drop tonight:

Perhaps, but look at everything we've seen this campaign season. Obama would have to murder an underage prostitute before the polls would show a significant blip while Romney has had everything and the kitchen sink thrown at him.

I marvel at the idea that there's any piece of video tape at this point in the campaign that can have any effect. We accuse politicians and the media of living in a bubble, but I'm fear the general public may itself have been engulfed inside the bubble. What will it take to shock us to the core? I'm highly doubt we'll be seeing it tonight, and that could be a bigger problem for our country than anything actually on the tape.

UPDATE: Well, here it is. Will it make any difference? My gut reaction is no. It should, but it won't.