The Home Stretch

Been very busy at work so posting has been non-existent, but with the day off I'm taking the opportunity to get back up to speed.

I'm naturally a pessimist when it comes to elections and the chances of my guy winning, but I'm finding less and less to be pessimistic about in the case of Mitt Romney's run for the presidency. Right now, the smart money is on him to win this election. The polls are breaking his way and no matter what verbal slips a Senate candidate makes or what nothing-burgers Gloria Allred comes up with, nothing out there seems to be able to stop Romney's momentum. People are paying attention and waking up. Newspapers that endorsed Obama in 2008 are flipping for Romney thus adding to the wave. I'm not saying I'm 100% convinced victory is in hand, but it's looking damn good.

That being said, Romney is going to need every vote. There will be fraud and there may be bad weather. If you have early voting in your state, do it. If there's rain forecast for election day, invest in poncho. Do what you have to do to cast that vote. Here in Nevada, I voted last Saturday. I had the voting machine print out my ballot so I could double-check it had the right names. Ultimately, that's all you can do.