A Rare Smart Move By The White House

In between rounds of golf (and part of me doesn't care he golfs so much...less time governing), President Obama and his team of mutants have decided not to illegally grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants via executive order. As Ace aptly pointed out a while back (hat tip: @redsteeze), the idea, no, the FACT, that this act would be illegal doesn't even come into it with the MSM and they merely worry about Obama's Odysseus-like journey through life rather than the rape of the Constitution.

Anyway, they've decided not to do anything until after the elections in 2014. A good move. This election, to paraphrase Harry Reid, is lost from the Democrat's point of view. There's still time for the GOP to blow the Senate, but they will make some gains regardless (Montana, South Dakota, West Virginia) and definitely hold onto the House, so why make things worse and guarantee (maybe) the Senate flips by granting amnesty now?

Simple solution is to wait until after the election when the next ballot box is two years away which gives the public plenty of time to forget and the Democrats plenty of time to get these amnestied folks on the voter rolls either legally or illegally. Simple. Easy.