Joni Ernst and Company You Keep

Some are speculating that Joni Ernst may be the first Senate candidate to do a quasi-Akin as it was revealed that she supported a bill in Iowa that grants "personhood" to an unborn child at the moment of conception. It's theorized that this is a bridge to far for the general public which is split on the issue of abortion.

To me, it points out an important facet of the human condition. We like to tell ourselves that we love our fellow man and have compassion for all living things and, in a sense, we do, but when it comes to riding to the rescue, human beings only really care about those they live with. Blood isn't even accurate enough in this scenario. "Family" are the people that you live with, eat with and are part of your daily life. After that, it's not really your problem.

I'm not saying this is great, I'm saying this is the way it is. I feel bad for homeless people, but I'm not out building them houses. If my brother was homeless, then I'd be building a house. That's natural...that's the human condition.

The abortion issue splits a lot of people, but I suspect most are agnostic. The more you know about the procedure, the more disgusted you are, but how many people are prepared to stop it at all cost? Only if it's in their family.

That's why I laugh when liberals claim to be horrified that so many Iraqis died in the Iraq War "thanks to George W. Bush." Don't see that much bleating from the left about the Iraqis dying at the hands of ISIS (ISIL?) or even way back in the day when Saddam was doing the gassing. It's all politics. Nobody really cares about anybody except their inner-circle. 

That's a pretty damning statement, but I've yet to hear a good counter-argument.