Postmodern Culture Goes To 11

A lot of us in my family like to joke that no matter what we say within the family, we're wrong. For example, if at a family gathering, one family member says "I'm cold," chances are another family member will say "No, you're not." We somehow found a way to meld opinion and fact and feel the need to rule on opinions as though they are facts. Not being able to afford a team of psychologists, this habit will remain a mystery amongst the Rose family.

However, this practice seems to have invaded our culture. There's a lot of head-shaking over the fact that former Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis, a man who pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in a murder case, is offering opinions about a possible cover-up by the Ravens organization and the NFL in the Ray Rice case. How can Lewis possibly offer unbiased commentary on the subject being a former Raven and being a former criminal who covered-up a crime? However possible, it's happening and ESPN is letting it happen all the while acting like Lewis's past never happened.

This is partly due to the postmodern culture of which we live. Postmodernism is mostly based in irony and criticism of realism and any and all belief in absolute truth, but Ray Lewis takes us into uncharted territory.

I'm reminded of the classic mockumentary (see?) Spinal Tap: (start at 3:43)

These goes to 11. It's not really louder than 10, it's just numbered differently, but to Nigel...it goes to 11.

For Ray Lewis, his "goes to 11" moment came when he stated this:

There’s some things you can cover up,” Lewis said Sunday about the Rice situation.  “And then there’s some things you can’t.  This is a sad day for me because the reputation I left in this organization, this isn’t it.”

Those of us still clinging to "realism" will shake our heads or scream at the TV, but in the ultra-postmodern culture we've gone from irony to straight-up denial where Ray Lewis is pure, Nigel's amp goes to 11 and I'm not cold at a parent's house...and if you try to say otherwise, well, you're just not fitting in.

I wonder where this road will lead...