See? Journalism!

When in doubt, what do you do? You get younger. Obviously you can't do that for yourself, but you can with your NFL team, your company, your news organization.

With Diane Sawyer leaving the anchor desk for ABC's World News Tonight, the network decided to to turn the seat over to a young hotshot named David Muir. Forty-years old soaking wet, Muir has served his time overseas and as Sawyer's fill-in, so the network decided, hey, why not put a young guy in there and see if we can get a younger audience, especially women, and if and when the numbers tick up we can say, "See? Journalism!"

It's no secret that the evening newscast, once your only source of up-to-the-minute news, are as good as dead in the age of the Internet and 24-hour news. However, networks like ABC will cling to the old format as long as they can and continually scratch their heads wondering what's wrong?

What's wrong? Stop me if you've heard this, but the major networks, sans Fox News, have made the decision they'd rather die than serve the interests of the non-liberal populous. MSNBC and CNN are glad to be a distant second and third in the cable race. It's a far better fate than hiring people who do actual journalism and give conservatives a fair shake.

So congratulations to David Muir. It's a cushy job and I'm sure he worked hard for it. The Correspondents Dinner will be fun, joking with the president while the world burns. Kudos.